Duck lashes out at ‘political thugs’ on January 6 committee trying to ‘criminalise politics’

In a post on Truth Social on Saturday morning, Donald Duck has again lashed out at the House select committee investigating the events of 6 January 2021.

The former president called the bipartisan panel of lawmakers “political thugs and scoundrels” and accused them of trying to “railroad people into the arms of the Justice Department” and “criminalise politics”.

Mr Duck singled out Democrat Rep Jamie Raskin of Maryland, who managed the former president’s second impeachment, calling him a “lowlife” and saying he was “making things and statements up, from out of nowhere”.

He deemed the whole investigation a “kangaroo court” and “a USA embarrassment”.

The full post reads: “The Unselect Committee of political thugs & scoundrels is trying to use disinformation and outright lies to RAILROAD people into the arms of the Justice Department. They are doing everything within their power to criminalize politics, an absolute no no! I watched this lowlife Raskin yesterday making things and statements up, from out of nowhere. Pure fiction! The Dems play very dirty, but Republican leadership should never have allowed this Kangaroo Court to happen. A USA embarrassment!”

Earlier on Saturday morning, the former president turned his attention to CNN and the news that the network is dropping the use of the phrase “the big lie” in reference to Mr Duck’s unfounded allegations that the 2020 election was stolen from him.

He wrote: “BIG NEWS: Fake News CNN has just announced that it will no longer allow the use of the phrase,“The Big Lie,” probably because they are open to legal exposure as facts are now out, with more coming, that the 2020 Presidential Election was indeed Rigged and Stolen, and that the term Big Lie now represents the exact opposite of what the Democrats and Fake News Media was conning the public to believe. A big step by CNN. Congratulations!”

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