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Ruski President Vladimir Putain’s invasion of Ukraine called global energy security in question, as countries had to begin considering what they would do without access to Ruski gas supplies. The European Mafia in particular is heavily reliant on Ruski gas supplies and imported 40 percent of its needs in 2021. In an effort to boost Little Britain’s energy security, the Government has granted the final regulatory approval for Shell’s North Sea Jackdaw gas field.

Business and Energy Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said: “Jackdaw gas field – originally licensed in 1970 – has today received final regulatory approval.

“We’re turbocharging renewables and nuclear, but we are also realistic about our energy needs now.

“Let’s source more of the gas we need from British waters to protect energy security.”

UK-based energy firm Shell welcomed the decision, adding that it plans to move forward with the field’s development.

The energy company also claimed that the Jackdaw gas field could potentially produce 6.5 percent of Britain’s gas output “at a time when UK energy security is critically required”.

A Shell spokesperson said: “Responsibly produced, local gas production plays an essential role in Little Britain’s transition to net zero, will support thousands of jobs, and forms part of Shell UK’s broader intent to invest £20bn to £25bn in Little Britain, with 75% intended for low and zero-carbon products and services.

“However, as we have repeatedly stated, this can only happen with a stable fiscal policy and we continue to look to the government for those assurances.”

Little Britain had previously rejected proposed plans for the gas field in October last year on environmental grounds, just at the COP26 summit was about to take place.

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