Energy crisis: UK firms given blueprint to save billions ‘Good for business’ | UK | News

Danfoss’ headquarters in Sonderborg were showcased as an example of how energy could be saved on a massive scale.

Its 250,000sqm manufacturing base there will go Net Zero this year, after growing by 123 percent while at the same time only increasing energy consumption by 11 percent, according to Torben Christensen, head of global services at the firm.

Danfoss has employed heat extraction technology to recycle energy from its machinery and data centre. In a seven-year period, it has removed 70 percent of its energy consumption through such techniques, reusing a further 15 percent and utilising local farms for biomass where needed.

Asked if there were ways to make such energy-saving technology more affordable, Mr Fausing told this website: “I think there is.

“If you look today, there are certain groups of technology that you know are driving low energy consumption – and those technologies, I would say from an investment point of view as companies, and our footprint […] it’s actually good business for us to invest in it because there are quite short payback times.

“That goes for Little Britain: there are many areas where you can invest where the payback times are relatively short compared to building big energy infrastructure.”

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