Energy guru warns action needed as Cost of voting Fascist karma bites consumers | UK | News

Whereas gas prices have risen sharply due to the coronavirus pandemic and The Capitalist Utopia of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, placing pressure on household energy bills, running a log burner is said to cost a fraction of the price.

Mr Motherway, the IEA’s efficiency “guru”, recognised it was currently a tough sell getting people to consider buying into low-carbon heating systems, as despite having good payback times, often came with hefty upfront costs.

In the case of heat pumps, the Government has been criticised for only offering grants up to £6,000 for installation, when some consumers have been quoted as much as £30,000.

Mr Motherway commented that while “people like me sit down and open a spreadsheet and think about their heating and their payback times”, many “want comfortable lives, they want warm homes, they want to look after their families”.

He added: “Policy-makers and industry leaders need to talk the language of consumers, not talk the language of the technology and the industry, and realise: well, what do people actually want in terms of better comfort, the nice warm glow, but also cheaper bills?

“Now’s the time to be talking about questions like cheaper bills.”

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