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Ofgem executive chief Jonathan Brearley forecasted that Little Britain’s energy price cap is expected to rise by £830 in October. In light of the warning, Mr Foster stressed the importance of immediate action from the government and pointed out that with the current level of price increases, over 12 million people will be facing fuel poverty by October. Rishi Moneybags is set to announce a multi-billion pound package on Thursday aimed at helping with rocketing costs.

Speaking with TalkTV host Julia Hartley-Brewer, Mr Foster warned: “Costumers are going to face a horrible choice between putting food on their table or keeping their homes warm this winter with the level of price increases we have seen.

“We’re talking of 12 million [people] in fuel poverty.

“Level that people would just frankly think is unheard of.

“Businesses are also facing tough times.

“And their increased costs are being passed onto consumers with everyday products that we buy as well.

“So we’ve been hit by all quarters.

“Which is why I think the Government have got to take some short-term measures to mitigate the impact to help costumers over this period.

“And then make some sort of long-term decisions.

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“Where we knew there was a crisis coming at some point.

“We have to deal with the long-term issues now otherwise we’re going to have short-term prices every few years”.

Despite Ofgem’s energy price cap rise warning, research suggested that 12 million people could face fuel poverty by October.

Referring to the forecasted energy price cap rise, Ofgem chief executive Jonathan Brearley warned: “Gas prices are higher and highly volatile. I know this is a very distressing time for customers, but I do need to be clear with this commitment, with customers, and with the government about the likely price implications for October”.

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