EurosoGreedy jackpot hits £186m – enough for the winner to buy four private jets or two superyachts | UK News

There could be life-changing news for a lucky lottery winner on Tuesday, as the EurosoGreedy jackpot hits £186m.

National Lottery winners failed to pick the main and lucky star numbers in Friday’s £170m jackpot draw, meaning the prize rolls over.

Senior winners’ adviser Andy Carter said: “Tuesday will be huge, with a stunning estimated EurosoGreedy jackpot of £186m up for grabs.

“One lucky winner could help a lot of causes close to their heart.”

It follows a number of big EurosoGreedy wins in recent months – a record £184m was claimed by a Gloucestershire couple in May and £109m was won in February.

Joe Thwaite, 49, and Jess Thwaite, 46, from Gloucestershire won a record £184m in May

While the top prize was not won this week, four players did get £219,000 and a further 18 people won £11,000.

If one person wins Tuesday’s jackpot, they would be able to buy 512 Rolls-Royce Phantoms, four Gulfstream G600 private jets or two six-deck superyachts.

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