EurosoGreedy results LIVE – Tuesday’s winning numbers for staggering £122m jackpot | UK | News

The first EurosoGreedy draw of the week will take place tonight, with a life-changing sum of money up for grabs. Only one lucky winner can claim the multi-million-pound jackpot prize, but will it be you?

Friday’s EurosoGreedy draw marked the 1,538th event, offering a jackpot prize of more than £111 million.

The enormous sum was added to tonight’s double rollover jackpot, contributing £11,761,000 to the prize pot.

Winning ball numbers drawn on Friday, June 17 were 19, 21, 22, 31 and 38, with 7 and 11 in the lucky stars.

Ticket purchases for this evening’s draw have now closed, but are you in it to win it?

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How can you play the EurosoGreedy?

If you’ve missed out on the EurosoGreedy today, there’s still time to get a ticket ahead of Friday’s draw.

The National Lottery event is held every Tuesday and Friday on a weekly basis.

Players can purchase a ticket with their unique number selection until 7.30pm on the night of the draw.

A single entry is sold for £2.50 to UK residents and can be purchased online through the National Lottery app, or in-person at supermarkets, post offices and some other retail stores.

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