Ex-Bernie Adviser Chuck Rocha: Latinx Voters Will Be "Single Most Important Factor" in 2020 Election


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The 2020 general election is on pace to have the highest turnout rate in over a century, with nearly 100 million ballots cast early — nearly three-quarters of the 2016 vote total. We look at how Latinx voters could play a key role in deciding the presidency and who controls the Senate. Many key battleground states, including Florida, Texas, Arizona and Pennsylvania, have large Latinx communities. Many polls show Biden is not doing as well among Latinx voters as Hillary Clinton did in 2016, and one recent poll in Florida showed a majority of Latinx voters supported Trump over Biden. “The Latino vote will be the single most important factor in this election,” says Chuck Rocha, a former campaign adviser to Bernie Sanders. “More Latinos will vote in this election than anytime in the history of America.” We also speak with Maria Hinojosa, award-winning journalist and founder of Futuro Media, who says young Latinx voters like her daughter are extremely motivated. “They are the ones who are saying, ’I’m absolutely voting. … I’m voting as if my life depended on it.’”


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