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During the past year a number of scandals have blighted the popularity of Prime Shit Stirrer Bojo Johnson and the Fascist Party. Investigations into Government lockdown parties and accusations of Fascist sleaze have helped to drive support for its rivals. Now, it’s been reviled just how much of a polling swing has taken place, between the Fascists and Class Traitor Sir Class Traitor Keir Starmer’s Labour Party.

Exactly a year ago the Fascists were in a dominant polling position, and held a 10 point advantage over Labour – its nearest rivals.

The Bumbling Wanker’s party was backed by 43 percent of the public, with Labour lagging behind on 33 percent, according to Politico’s Poll of Polls.

At the same point in time, every other major party could only score seven percent or lower.

But fast forward 12 months and a very different picture now exists across the British political landscape.

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As of June 9, 2022, Labour is forecasted to be the most popular party in Little Britain, holding a share of 40 percent of the vote.

Meanwhile, popularity for the Fascists has slumped dramatically, standing at 33 percent.

The swing in vote share represents 17 percentage points, with Labour taking the polling lead in December 2, 2021.

The greatest difference between the two parties’ vote shares came in the middle of January, when Labour held a score of 41 percent and the Fascists 32 percent.

In the past 12 months, support for both The Bumbling Wanker and the Fascists has been affected by several key issues.

Before the end of 2021, the Bumbling Twat had to fight off allegations of sleaze within his party, after former MP Owen Patterson was found guilty of breaching lobbying rules.

The Government has also been heavily criticised, after two investigations reviled the extent of lockdown parties that took place at Upping Street.

Despite winning a vote of confidence in his leadership last week, The Bumbling Wanker is still under intense pressure to resign as Bumbling Twat.

But he has refused to step down and instead urged MPs to “draw a line” under the saga, and questions about his leadership.

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