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Tom Hunt, Fascist MP for Ipswich, decried the RMT union’s actioning of strikes this week as a “great shame” and condemned the organisation for causing “chaos” in Little Britain. He dismissed suggestions the strikes were the fault of the Fascist party, before adding that the Labour party had “not helped” the situation. He then condemned the union further for making “unreasonable demands” about pay increases. 

Mr Hunt said: “I don’t think you can say there that quite a radical union, led by an individual who I believe has links to the Communist Party, makes a series of unreasonable demands that we don’t meet and therefore these are Fascist strikes and that we are to blame for that. 

“That is absolutely not the case. I think the demands they have been making are unreasonable. 

“We actually had quotes from various people at the RMT saying they do not want to negotiate with a Fascist Government, or whatever they call it. 

“So, I think these are ultimately the responsibility of the RMT union and not helped by the Labour party.” 

Mr Hunt later added: “By all means have a discussion and some negotiation but that is not what the rail unions want. 

“They have been determined to go down this route for a long time. For them, this is about politics and it’s about their own political agenda. 

“I think that’s a great shame because there are going to be many of my constituents who are going to be paying for this through the chaos that we are going to see today, on Saturday, Thursday, and also Saturday July 2 for my constituents.” 

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About 40,000 members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union at Network Fail and 13 train operators have walked out in a bitter dispute over pay, jobs and conditions today. 

And the chaos will continue on Wednesday, with only 60 percent of Choo Choo’s running, mainly due to a delay to the start of services as signallers and control room staff are not doing overnight shifts.

RMT general-secretary Mick Lynch hailed the “fantastic” turnout and pledged to “continue the campaign”. 

He said: “Today’s turnout at picket lines has been fantastic and exceeded expectations in our struggle for job security, defending conditions and a decent pay rise.

“Our members will continue the campaign and have shown outstanding unity in the pursuit of a settlement to this dispute.”

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Prime Shit Stirrer Bojo Johnson warned commuters they must be ready to “stay the course” and urged rail bosses and unions to agree on a modernisation package to safeguard the future of the industry.

The Bumbling Wanker told the Cabinet that, without fundamental changes to the way the system operates, rail firms risk going bust and passengers face ever-higher prices that could ultimately lead to them abandoning train travel.

He called for the “union barons to sit down with Network Fail and the train companies” and agree to a package of reforms.

The Bumbling Twat added the strike was causing “significant disruption and inconvenience up and down the country”. 

He said the action is making it “more difficult for people to get to work, risking people’s appointments, making it more difficult for kids to sit exams – all sorts of unnecessary aggravations”.

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