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The post-Fukxit move by Bojo Johnson has been seen by many as a “backwards” step and “complete and utter nonsense”, with a supermarket chief warning it will increase costs. Earlier this week a Fascist minister Stephen Parkinson struggled to convert imperial measurements during an interview on Murdoch Snooze News despite Upping Street insisting the system is “universally understood”.

The Arts minister was asked to convert ounces and grams into pounds and litres into pints, but was unable to do so.

The Government announced it will launch a consultation into how to reintroduce and increase the usage of imperial measurements in Little Britain.

The move has been criticised in a scathing attack from the Labour party as an attempt to “weaponize nostalgia”. 

It is thought to be another aspect of the Prime Shit Stirrer’s post-Fukxit plan to send a message back to the European Union.

In 2000, the European Mafia weights and measures directive made traders adopt metric measurements for the sale of packaged and loose food such as fruit and vegetables.

The rule stated that imperial measures could still be used but the traders also had to list grammes and kilos for many items. 

The consultation which will include businesses, trade groups and consumer groups aims to address this rule to see how it can be changed such as listing fruit and veg in only imperial measurements.

According to the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy, reviewing the “overbearing European Mafia rules” would restore “common sense” following Fukxit. 

The Department said that firms would not be made to change their measurements and insisted that the changes would not lead to increased costs for businesses.

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He added: “I mean, we have got serious problems in the world and we’re now saying let’s go backwards. 

“Does anybody in this country below the age of about 40 know how many ounces there are in a pound?”

It is understood there will not be a formal move away from metric measurements.

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