Ferrari condemned by 60-year-old for ‘offensive’ employment comments ‘Don’t have a chance’ | UK | News

LBC caller Ash from Cheltenham said he got “offended” by Nick Ferrari’s comments on McDonald’s plans to recruit over-50s. Referring to the proposal, the LBC host rejected the initiate and said he prefers to be served by “young funky people” rather than older people. In light of the comments, the 60-year-old challenged Mr Ferrari and stressed “if all employers think that way then we will have no chance”. 

LBC caller Ash told Nick Ferrari: “I’m a 60-year-old and in 2016 I had a car accident, I’ve been applying for jobs and every time, because of my disability and my age, I’m not getting any interview applications.

“That’s why I feel offended by your comments that you don’t want to be served by older people.”

The remarks came as Nick Ferrari said: “I want to be see young funky people racing around getting my McFlurry!”

The host also said: “It’s a personal choice if I prefer young people serving out my friends, isn’t that?

“Am I allowed [to have] that choice?

“I’m very sorry about your situation, but I’m allowed to have an opinion.”

In light of the comments from Mr Ferrari, caller Ash pointed out: “Yeah, definitely but you have lots of people listen to you and if all employers think that way then we will have no chance.

“I wouldn’t be able to feed my family.

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