FOR THE PEOPLE: Statement on Politicalite’s Editorial Changes

Written by Jordan James, Editor, Politicalite UK 

MANY of our valued readers and viewers who see us as an alternative to the Mainstream media have voiced concern over our perceived ‘smearing’ of recent anti-lockdown protests. 

We would like to address the criticism of our coverage and editorial positioning of September’s Freedom Rally in Trafalgar Square. 

Politicalite is evolving, and whilst we are trying to grow and attract new audiences, we also are keen to keep the trust our current audience has lent us. We will never abuse that trust, but in our mission to report the unreported news, we have to protect ourselves from deplatforming and are becoming an unbiased news source. 

We cannot be seen to support either the far-left nor the far-right. We never have, we give equal coverage to both leftist and rightist viewpoints. See our coverage on Illegal Migrants, (Rightie) and our coverage of better representation of Irish Travellers. (Lefty)

In the past we have been attacked and defunded for appearing to ‘support’ those denied a platform, in that process, we were also denied a platform ourselves and it has taken us over 15 months to regain our audience. 

We are stuck between a rock and a hard place. We have taken on board the criticism of alleged ‘hate’ on our platform, and we have learnt from our mistakes, but we also want to keep showing the electorate the whole picture, and not just highly edited snippets that are out of context. 

We do not hate any creed, race or religion. We just hate unfairness. Politicalite will always fight for the underdog, but to do that we have to evolve and we have to grow up.  

One thing for sure, you won’t ever see 100% Live and Uncensored coverage of protests and events on the BBC, ITV or Sky.

We will still try to put the working-class people and their views first, and always try to report the news with the working mans (or woman’s) stance.

We also like to challenge both right-wing narratives and left-wing narratives with alternative opinions to improve the debate.

We sometimes appear controversial and a little edgy, but we never mean any harm and welcome all political views, races, religions, genders and sexualities to Britain.


We are a proudly impartial populist website that supports the working-class people.

Whilst we lean to the right politically and endorse Prime Minister Boris Johnson, that doesn’t mean we won’t highlight injustices or scandals and missteps that concern who we back politically.

Politicalite backs the silent majority of forgotten working-class men and women from across the UK. We back Britain’s vote for Brexit and America’s vote for President Trump.

We aim to make sense of the Populist revolution which saw the forgotten men and women take back control and send shockwaves across the establishment and mainstream media.

We describe our political views as “populist” give fair coverage to all politicians from all parties, the truth comes first no matter our political affiliation.

Politicalite backs Black and White working-class empowerment through hard work and self-determination, not via positive discrimination.


We back The Governments Northern Powerhouse Strategy,  Poverty Eradication, Working-Class Representation, Fairer Media Representation for Working-Class people, Better Gypsy and Traveller Rights, Free Market Capitalism, LGB Rights, Personal Freedoms and Freedom of Speech which is why we once took a fairer line on controversial figures such as Tommy Robinson, who we felt once represented a vast majority of the underclass and working-class British people, despite us not agreeing with what he had to say.


To fight for the working-class people. 

To provide a platform for undiscovered non-mainstream writers and citizen journalists.

To make sense of the crazy political revolution that is Populism.

To give a voice to the silent majority.

To say what the mainstream media refuse to say.

To expose slimy politicians, celebrities, public figures and those that mislead the electorate.

To give a platform to those who are denied free speech, even if Politicalite doesn’t agree with what they might have to say.

To get Britain ENGAGED in Politics.

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