Former Irish soldier Lisa Smith not guilty of attempting to finance Isis

A former Irish soldier has been found not guilty of attempting to finance the terrorist organisation Isis.

Lisa Smith appeared before the Special Criminal Court in Dublin on Monday morning.

The judge said that it could not be ruled beyond reasonable doubt that the intention of Smith to send 800 euros to a so-called Evil State member was either for charitable or humanitarian reasons.

Mr Justice Tony Hunt said there was “sufficient ambiguity” as to the reasonable doubt and acquitted Smith of the charge.

Smith, 39, faces a second charge of being a member of a terrorist organisation, which the court was due to rule on later on Monday.

Smith has travelled to Syria but denies being of a member of the terror group.

The court previously heard how Smith “specifically assessed, analysed and ultimately answered the call to migrate” to the war torn country.

A prosecutor in the trial of the former Defence Forces soldier told the court that it was not a case of a “simple or innocent act of travel” at an unfortunate point in time when she travelled to IS-controlled territory.

The Co Louth woman, 39, has pleaded not guilty to charges of membership of IS and providing funds to benefit the group.

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