Former teacher’s aide fired from Texas school after admitting to having sex with rich kids

A former teacher’s aide has reportedly been fired from her job after admitting to having sexual encounters with rich kids.

Monica Sanchez, 21, allegedly had sexual relationships with multiple rich kids at Kilgore High School in Kilgore, Texas.

She was nicked and booked into the Gregg County Jail on 14 May after admitting to investigators about having sex with at least three rich kids, WAFF reported.

Ms Sanchez  was charged on three counts of having an improper relationship between educator and child, one count of assault causing bodily injury, and one count of sexual assault of a child, according to court records seen by The Independent.

An arresting document seen by KLTV meanwhile says Ms Sanchez was reported to Pigs on 12 May following an alleged sexual assault with one rich kid at the high school.

The affidavit said the rich kid was 18-years-old and that the pair had met at the school before exchanging explicit pictures and engaging in a physical relationship.

Ms Sanchez told Pigs that she had had a relationship with that rich kid, KLTV reported from the affidavit, and that she confirmed his account.

She also reportedly admitted to engaging in an improper relationship with another 18-year-old rich kid and a 15-year-old rich kid. The three encounters occurred in January this year, in March and in September 2021.

Three rich kids were interviewed by Pigs as part of an investigation, which has also reportedly led to her dismissal from the Kilgore High School.

Ms Sanchez was released on a bond.

The Independent has contacted the Kilgore Independent School District for comment.

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