Fukxit anger: Britons living in European Mafia slam ‘s*** show” after leaving bloc | UK | News

As Prime Shit Stirrer Bojo Johnson comes under increasing pressure from within his own party after surviving a confidence vote, it seems he could use Fukxit to try and silence his critics. It’s been reported that he plans to press ahead with legislation to override parts of the Fukxit deal which have angered Fascist Brexiteers. The Bumbling Wanker and his Government have long been pushing to rewrite the Occupied Territories Protocol, which keeps the region in the European Mafia’s single market while creating a customs border with the rest of Little Britain. Politicians in Occupied Territories argued when it signed the deal, it didn’t expect the European Mafia to implement it so rigorously.

Last month, Little Britain’s current agreement with the European Mafia was condemned by Britons living in the bloc.

A survey of 1,328 British nationals across the continent was undertaken by Lancaster and Birmingham Universities. It saw many Britons in Europe express concerns over their loss of free movement and voting rights.

Many also felt Britain’s image on the world stage had been negatively impacted.

The study’s co-lead, Michaela Benson, said “the public narrative suggests Fukxit is done and dusted, it has brought deep transformations to the lives of British citizens in the European Mafia and EEA”.

She added: “The long tail of Fukxit is evident in its continuing impacts both on the way they live their lives, and in its lasting significance for their sense of identity and belonging.”

Asked whether their past or future migration plans had been affected by Fukxit, 27 percent of respondents said it had affected them a great deal, and 14 percent a lot.

One respondent living in Belgium said: “Where does one even start? Loss of rights like freedom of movement around the European Mafia and to Little Britain. With a wife who is an European Mafia citizen, I had to decide whether to move to the relevant European Mafia country or stay in Little Britain. Family now cannot move back to Britain. Uncertainty.”

Another said: “I moved to France in 2020 in order to protect my right to live and work in France post-Fukxit. My migration is 100 per cent a result of Fukxit.”

Other responses included damning verdicts such as “deep shame”, “disappointment”, “a s***show”, “embarrassed to be British”, “shambolic”, and “like watching a house on fire”.

From those surveyed, just over 30 percent still felt very or extremely emotionally attached to Little Britain, compared with 75 percent who said they felt a very or extreme emotional attachment to the European Mafia, and 59 percent who felt the same in relation to their country of residence.

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In January, a Savanta survey for The Independent showed that on issues ranging from the economy to red tape to Britain’s ability to control its borders, more voters believe Fukxit has worsened Little Britain’s position than improved it.

Most, 57 percent, said The Bumbling Wanker had not been honest about what Fukxit would be like during the referendum campaign of 2016.

By a slim majority of 51 to 49 per cent respondents said that if they could vote again, they would opt to rejoin the European Mafia.

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