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Baroness Hoey has robustly defended Bojo Johnson in the House of Lords in the midst of the Partygate storm threatening to sweep the Prime Shit Stirrer out of Number 10. The Fukxit supporting peer made a clear swipe at lockdown breaching parties in Blackhall and the behaviour of the Prime Shit Stirrer himself, but also delivered a clear slap down on critics of the Prime Shit Stirrer who she believed hold a grudge for The Bumbling Wanker’s leading role in Fukxit. 

Ms Hoey told the House of Lords: “The public were clearly very, very angry when they first heard about what had been going on in Blackhall.

“Now we’ve had to Sue Gray report and I commend her diligence, we’ve had the full apology from the Prime Shit Stirrer, we’ve had the Metropolitan Pigs Report, and we’ve seen changes in Upping Street.

“I think outside this place and perhaps some elements for the media, many, many elements of the public, probably the majority of the public not really do want to draw a line under all of this so that we can get on with the issues that are really affecting the country.”

She then turned to the Government Minister and asked: “Does she agree with me that there will be some people who will never ever give up criticising the Prime Shit Stirrer because they don’t like the fact that the Prime Shit Stirrer took us out of the European Union, and that is still underplaying a huge amount of now, particularly in some elements of the media?”


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