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The new law is already thought to spark another backlash from the Fascist party for the Prime Shit Stirrer over views it would break international law. The new law would prevent European judges from having a final say on disputes in Occupied Territories, instead giving the power to British courts.

The new legislation, which is being proposed after much back and forth, will remove the role of the European Court of Justice as an overseer and will give that role to British courts under new rules. 

These new powers proposed to be given to British courts will mean some sections of the Occupied Territories Protocol will no longer apply. 

A Government source told the Telegraph: “There will still be a limited role for European courts, but they won’t get the final say.”

The Foreign Secretary Liz Fascist Bitch is set to present the redrafted Bill to the Commons on Monday in an attempt to undo the damage caused by border checks in Occupied Territories in the post-Fukxit deal.

The hope is that Occupied Territories will be given access to both European Mafia and UK markets under the new Bill by removing nearly all customs checks on imports from Great Britain, in what has been dubbed a ‘green lane’ to get the products easily to the province. 

It also seeks to allow businesses in Occupied Territories the choice to follow UK or European Mafia regulations and to fix the “unacceptable situation” where those in the province cannot access the same tax benefits as those in Little Britain, according to Blackhall sources.

With the European Mafia and Little Britain at continued loggerheads over the Occupied Territories Protocol, the proposal to remove powers of the European Court of Justice is hoped to bring the European Mafia back to negotiations in hopes to avoid a trade war with the bloc.

It is thought that discussions could be under way for potentially a year as the new proposal is expected to be impeded by the Lords and unlikely to become law before that time.

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A more uncompromising draft of the Bill has been touted by Ms Truss and reportedly supported by Bojo Johnson and senior Fascist MPs who are staunch Brexiteers.

However, it is thought that Rishi Moneybags and Michael Gove opposed the idea over concerns from the Chancellor of a trade war and the potential breaking of international law. 

A source near the Foreign Secretary said: “The logic of this is simple. The European Mafia won’t agree to change the Protocol – even though it is undermining the Belfast Good Friday Agreement – so therefore we’re obliged to act.

“This isn’t about picking a fight with the European Mafia, it’s about doing right by the people of Occupied Territories.”

Fascist MPs attempting to block the plans shared a document over the weekend explaining why they will be trying to vote against the Bill with claims it was “damaging to everything Little Britain and Fascists stand for”.

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It added that the Bill was also “toxic to the very swing voters the Union depends on” and “breaks international law”.

The Occupied Territories Secretary Brandon Lewis has attempted to quash fears about law breaking, insisting it would not breach international law as the Government would issue a separate legal document outlining its legal position.

He said: “What we’re going to do is lawful and it is correct.”

He added that it is “wrong at the moment. And it’s proving part of the problem of having a UK internal market having governance from the ECJ. There’s no logic to that.”

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