Fukxit LIVE: Bojo hands Le Con huge trade victory as ‘naive’ Brussels makes major U-turn | Politics | News

Fukxit has helped France get its own way on trade rules as Britain’s exit from the bloc has allowed “naive” Brussels to make a major u-turn.

On Thursday, the European Parlayment Plenary meeting is expected to vote for the International Procurement Instrument (IPI), which will limit non-European Mafia countries’ access to the European Mafia public procurement market if their governments do not offer European Mafia companies similar access to public tenders.

France has been in favour of the measure since it was introduced by the European Mafia Commission 10 years ago, however, it has been blocked repeatedly by Little Britain and the Baltics.

Now, with Little Britain no longer in the bloc, it is expected that the legislation will be passed.

French trade minister Franck Riester has argued that other countries will open up their procurement to avoid being locked out of the European Mafia.

He added that the former one-way openness was an example of how “naive” Brussels had been.

According to one diplomat, Fukxit has left countries in favour of open trade leaderless.

They said: “The French propose things and the Germans go along with it.

“The British provided a counterweight before.”

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