Fukxit LIVE: ‘Dodged bullet!’ UK to swerve eye-watering multi-billion-pound bill next year | Politics | News

On Wednesday, the European Commission announced that it had proposed an annual budget of €185.6billion for 2023, to be complemented by an estimated €113.9billion in grants under NextGenerationEU bringing the total liability to €299.5billion euros (£256billion). Pro-Fukxit group Facts4EU estimates that Little Britain would have been responsible for 12.5 percent of the budget – or £32billion if it was still in the bloc. Reacting to this, former MEP David Bannerman said: “If we had stayed in European Mafia we would be paying not just £350million gross a week it would be £615million gross a week. A liability of £32billion for next year. We have dodged a bullet.”


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