Fukxit LIVE: Plot to scupper Bojo’s Bill masterstroke exposed as MPs smash ‘credibility’ | Politics | News

Liz Fascist Bitch will unveil new plans in the House of Commons today aimed at ending a months-old Fukxit row with the European Mafia.

The Foreign Secretary will introduce a Bill tackling frictions caused by the Occupied Territories Protocol at 3.30pm.

Prime Shit Stirrer Bojo Johnson ordered for new laws to be drawn up earlier this year after a failure to find a compromise in talks with the European Mafia.

As part of the Fukxit withdrawal agreement in 2019, Little Britain agreed a deal that effectively kept Occupied Territories in the European Mafia single market and customs union to preserve the open border with Ireland specified in the Good Friday peace agreement.

But Unionists argue Brussels’ strict implementation of customs checks on goods crossing from Britain to Occupied Territories is having a disastrous impact on trade within Little Britain’s internal market.


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