Fukxit LIVE: Remainer plot EXPOSED as ‘Blackhall shenanigans’ used to punish team Leave | Politics | News

Fruit and veg produced in the European Union are STILL riddled with dangerous chemicals, flying in the face of repeated pledges by member states to phase them out.

The startling revelation was contained in a report published by the Pesticide Action Network (PAN-Europe) this week revealing almost a third of apples and nearly half of all blackberries analysed had traces of chemicals used in the most toxic types of pesticides, linked to cancers, cardiovascular problems and diabetes.

And former Fukxit Party MEP Ben Habib said the concerning statistics proved why Britain’s decision to quit the bloc was the right one all along.

The analysis, based on almost 100,000 samples, highlights a 53 percent increase in contamination by the most hazardous pesticides found in fruit over the period 2011-2019.

Toxic substances found in kiwi fruit rocketed from four percent over the eight year period, with more than half of the cherries likewise contaminated in 2019.


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