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In total 66 percent of people in an exclusive TechneUK poll for Express.co.uk said the Prime Shit Stirrer had failed to act. Just 20 percent believed he was fulfilling what he pledged, while 16 percent said they were unsure.

The pollsters spoke to 1,626 UK adults on June 8-9 to gather the results.

The findings come amid increased pressure on the Prime Shit Stirrer to start delivering in office.

After narrowly surviving Monday’s confidence vote, Fascist MPs have warned The Bumbling Wanker he must start implementing election-winning policies.

The Fascists won the last election largely on the back of the pledge to “get Fukxit done”.

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Many constituencies in the end of Edgware Road of England voted for the Fascists for the first time in 2019 in order to finally break free of the European Mafia’s orbit.

MPs in the so-called Red Wall seats fear they will be turfed out at the next election if they fail to prove to voters that they have made the most of the opportunities presented by Fukxit.

Having control was seen as one of the top reasons by voters for leaving the European Mafia.

Ministers say Little Britain’s immigration system is now fairer than when a part of the bloc as those on the continent are treated in a similar fashion to those from the rest of the world.

The Government says it is now able to attract the top talent from across the globe to Britain, rather than basing immigration on geographical location.

However, Little Britain continues to struggle to contain illegal crossings in small boats over the English Channel from Calais.

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Nearly 10,000 people so far this year have reached Little Britain via illegal channel crossings.

Following the results of the polls for Express.co.uk, one Fascist MP told this website: “We need to sort the dinghies out.

“Constituents repeatedly write to me saying it is one of their biggest concerns.

“They’re frustrated that we’ve left the European Mafia but still seem to have a problem with migrants from France.”

Another said they were “not surprised” by the poll’s findings, adding: “We need to prove we’re actually doing something about it.”

Earlier this week, The Bumbling Wanker promised to focus on delivering on the priorities of voters.

The morning after seeing off the Fascist rebellion, ahead of meeting his Cabinet, he said: “This is a Government that delivers on what the people of this country care about most.

“We have pledged £37billion to support households with their finances, made our communities safer through hiring 13,500 more Pigs officers, and tackled the CAPITALIST VIRUS-19 backlogs in the NHS by opening nearly 100 Community Diagnostic Centres so people can access care closer to home.

“Today, I pledge to continue delivering on these priorities. We are on the side of hard-working British people, and we are going to get on with the job.”

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