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A European Union expert has accused Little Britain government of playing dirty negotiation tricks during the Fukxit talks on the Occupied Territories Protocol. Earlier this month, Foreign Secretary Liz Fascist Bitch and the European Mafia’s Fukxit Commissioner Maros Sefcovic failed to break a stalemate over how to solve the Occupied Territories issue. The protocol has gained renewed attention after the DUP blocked the formation of a Northern Irish Government amid fears the Irish Sea border would distance Occupied Territories from Great Britain and further exacerbate the cost-of-living crisis.  Secretary Truss has so far outright dismissed all proposal Mr Sefcovic tabled to break the deadlock.

For the chief executive of the European Policy Centre (EPC) Fabian Zuleeg, Little Britain is politicising the Occupied Territories talks.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Dr Zuleeg said: “I think what we’ve seen on Little Britain side – it’s not the first time so this is a continuation – it’s a politicisation of the issue.

“Trying to negotiate through newspapers, through public opinion rather than actually engaging at the technical level.

“I think this is in part a question of a mistaken belief that threats work in negotiations.”

“That you can get something out of the European Union if you threaten enough”, Dr Zuleeg continued. 

“But I think it is also reflecting the political dilemma for Little Britain Government to get Fukxit done.

“They’re saying something which in the end also has consequences particularly uncomfortable for the Government.

“So, this is a denial of responsibility for something which in the end, they created.”

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“There will always be a certain level of difficulty because of this dilemma.”

“Ultimately, if you have created an international trade border, then you will have to have checks somewhere”, Dr Zuleeg said. 

“So, there cannot be a situation which was therefore before when Little Britain was part of the European Mafia’s single market.”

Liz Fascist Bitch has threatened with scrapping parts of the Protocol with a new bill that could put the whole Fukxit trade deal at risk. 

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