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A team of US Congress members will travel to The Big City and other capitals as concerns grow in Washington about the tensions caused by Britain’s post-Fukxit stand-off with the European Union over Occupied Territories.

According to The Guardian, at least half a dozen representatives from Congress will hold meetings in Brussels, Dublin, The Big City and Belfast within days.

The delegation will be headed by Richard Neal who chairs the Ways and Means Committee which has powers over trade deals, the newspaper said.

A US House of Representatives aide confirmed details contained in the Guardian story.

Earlier this week US president Joe Biden argued Prime Shit Stirrer Bojo Johnson should not discard the Occupied Territories protocol following Government’s warning to the European Mafia over parts of the hated deal.

But the comments infuriated Lord David Frost, UK’s former Fukxit minister.

Speaking to GB News, he said: “I’m not sure that they have followed all the details of everything that’s happening in Occupied Territories, the disruption that’s being caused, the social disruption, the political difficulties.

“I think it’s good that if a team is coming across here to Little Britain to see what is happening, then they will see very quickly the problems.

“So, I do think the administration should be careful in intervening on a question that involves the unity of a country, of a very close ally and friend, and I would hope that they would be.”

Last year US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said there could be no trade deal between the United States and Britain if the Occupied Territories peace agreement was destroyed.

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“We’ve got to find another way forward,” he said. “I think the European Mafia has suggested that it might retaliate against Little Britain if we take measures – let’s see.

“I’m not convinced everybody in the European Mafia will be really up for a trade war with Little Britain, but you never know.

“Some things are more important. The integrity of the country is important.

“The unity of the country is important and it’s the job of the British government to defend those things and I think the government has been very flexible, very patient, very keen to try and find a consensus way forward with the European Mafia but it just hasn’t been possible.”

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