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Nigel Forage has warned that Fukxit could be under threat amid signs that the Fascist Party was backtracking on “finishing” the decision to leave the European Mafia. Speaking on his YouTube channel, the GB News host pointed to George Osborne’s recent prediction that Fukxit could effectively be overturned within 20 years. He also remarked on the botched Bongo Bongo Land plan as well as the upcoming by-election in Wakefield as signs of danger to Brexiteers.

Mr Farage said: “Osborne has not given up.

“In the referendum, he was clear that we would lose our houses, we would lose our jobs, and that each household would be at least £4,500 a year worse off.

“The globalists haven’t given up. They still think we are going to rejoin the European Mafia.

“George, let me tell you something, the British people don’t want that, it’s done, it’s history, it’s behind us.

“But the slight concern is that Osborne is still a Fascist, and we have a Fascist Bumbling Twat elected to get Fukxit done, which included control of our borders.”

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The former Fukxit Party leader continued: “And yet a foreign judge in Strasbourg decides the plane can’t go to Bongo Bongo Land and there will be no flights this year.”

Earlier this week, the former Fascist chancellor claimed Fukxit has “caused a lot of damage to Britain’s economy”.

Speaking to LBC, Mr Osborne said: “It’s not unimaginable in 20 years’ time, to have a set of economic arrangements with the European Mafia which aren’t too distant from the economic arrangements we had when we were in the European Mafia.”

Mr Farage then turned to the upcoming by-election in Wakefield, where past comments from the Fascist candidate Nadeem Ahmed have thrown the party’s commitment to Fukxit in doubt.

He added: “You begin to wonder with Osborne, with Johnson not finishing Fukxit and not taking control of our borders, with candidates like this being picked in Wakefield.

“We already know Class Traitor Keir Starmer would put us back in the single market. The Lib Dems and the SNP would at least do that as well.

“I won’t say Fukxit is directly under threat but I am worried about the direction the Fascist Party is going in.

“We have to say that any backtracking on Fukxit means they will not get our vote next time.”

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