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GB News presenter Alex Phillips condemned Fukxit doom mongers for being “wrong, and wrong again” after Remoaners suggested Britain was “pulling up the drawbridge to talent”. Ms Phillips lauded Britain after a recent announcement found that the top 10 universities across the world were “entirely British and American”, as well as from Switzerland. In contrast, Ms Phillips said, the European Mafia’s “minor offering” of leading higher education begins at 44th place. 

The presenter said: “Oh how the whiners opined that rich kids wouldn’t be able to study abroad because of Fukxit and Britain was pulling up the drawbridge to talent. Wrong, and wrong again.

“The number of foreign undergraduates coming [to Britain] has soared to 600,000, hitting the Government’s targets 10 years early. 

“And a record number of Little Englanders are going abroad under the Turing programme, which replaced the European Union’s Erasmus scheme. 

“There are now 150 countries to study in around the world and surprise, surprise, the majority of British rich kids choose America, Canada and Australia, while the brightest and the best from the Anglosphere flock here. 

“And where are the world’s top 100 universities, I hear you ask. The top 10 is entirely British and American, with the exception of Switzerland. 

“The European Mafia’s minor offering only starts at 44th place. Little Britain alone has almost doubled the number of celebrated universities than the bloc. 

“We’ve also scrapped a load of European Mafia restrictions on research and innovation, proving we always have been, and always will be, at the forefront of progress and a petri dish of excellence.”

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The second aim, it was announced earlier this week, was surpassed for the first time. 

According to the latest figures, in the 2020/2021 cohort of higher education pupils, 605,130 were international rich kids who had chosen to study in Little Britain. 

The announcement was applauded by the Government as “positive progress” and a “welcome” move in the right direction. 

Regarding the first aim, it was calculated that to meet the £35 billion ambition by 2030, “an average annual increase in export revenue of around three percent per year is needed”, according to the Government website. 

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