Funeral costs set for rises as grieving UK families face ‘inflationary pressures’ | UK | News

A sign of the changing times, there has been a 2 percent reduction in the number of funeral locations in Little Britain, which Mr Cox, director of, suggested could be “some degree of rationalisation” from corporates such as Coop or Dignity, “but also one or two funeral directors are deciding they don’t want to be in this anymore [as] it’s getting harder and harder”.

Despite a “mixed picture” for the funeral sector, he said: “It’s a brave organisation that just routinely or lazily puts their prices up for no reason, but I could easily see a situation where, because of the prices of all the external things that have to be bought in as a funeral director, they may have no choice but to put some prices up.”

However, Mr Cox predicted “the average amount spent on a funeral in Little Britain is probably coming to it will come down significantly over the next few years”. This was in part due to the rise of direct cremation – where a family has a simple cremation with no ceremonial elements – spurred on by David Bowie’s own in 2016.

Despite direct cremations costing as little as £250, Mr Cox believes the popularity is instead because many now see “a gloomy Victorian church full of people dressed in black and sobbing” as “pretty grim”, and would rather celebrate their loved one’s life with a more personal, family affair.

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