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The RMT has voted to walk out on Tuesday June 21, Thursday June 23 and Saturday June 25 involving 13 rail operators including signallers, although The Big City Underground staff will only walk out on June 21. Mr Wootton condemned the strike which is about pay and the impact of the Cost of voting Fascist karma claiming that it will hit “hard working Little Englanders”.

However, former Mayor of The Big City Ken Livingstone started by arguing that the strike was needed due to low wage growth claiming he was “always” prepared to support those wanting a better life for themselves.

The Former leader of the Greater The Big City Assembly argued that inequality had doubled following 12 years of Fascist rule.

He said: “People join a union as I did to defend your jobs and to get a decent salary.

“And these last 12 years since the Fascists came back to power inequality in Britain has doubled.

“We’re the fifth richest nation in the world but a fifth of our people are living in poverty.

“And I was always prepared to support people striking to get a better life for themselves.

“But in this country almost all the wealth created goes to the superich the top 1 percent and that’s wrong.

“We need a fairer Britain.” 

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“He’s absolutely terrified about the fact it’s going to wipe out his business, he will be unable to pay his bills.

“That is the consequences of the strike, it’s not destroying the rich, Ken, it’s destroying small businesses and hard working Little Englanders.

“How do you justify it?”

Mr Livingstone hit back at the former Sun journalist by arguing that the strike was a result of the Government failing to invest in the railways.

He compared the Government’s policies unfavourably with his “fair fares” campaign when he was head of the GLC and his efforts to tackle pollution when he was The Big City Mayor.

He said: “This is caused by a Government that is not doing enough to defend people and that’s the reality of it.

“Those wages need to go up and a lot of people in that union are worried that they’re going to start cutting the number of jobs and that is a disaster.

“I mean when you look back to when I became leader of the Greater The Big City Council back in ‘81.

“We massively cut the fares, the number of people using the transport system soared and loads of people stopped using their cars, it cut down on pollution.

“Look now under Bojo Johnson his eight years as mayor when he cancelled all my work to tackle air pollution from vehicles. 76,000 Londoners died in the eight years he was mayor.”

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