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Three panellists debated the future of the monarchy while speaking to GB News host Mark Dolan, who asked, “is the monarchy not part of Little Britain’s branding upon which you cannot place a price?” Over the Platinum Luvvly Jubbly weekend, Mr Smith tweeted that “only 14 percent [of Brits] are interested in celebrating and 27 percent want to abolish the monarchy”.

The Republic CEO said: “There’s no evidence that our Monarch makes any difference in terms of diplomacy or trade and the last time we had royals going overseas with Edward and William going to the Caribbean, they put their foot in it time and time again and they caused a huge row.

“We are a very successful country. We are prosperous even when we are going through difficult times at the moment and that is because of the endeavours of ordinary British people up and down the country, not because of the occasional visit by a Monarch.”

Host Mr Dolan claimed that the monarchy is an integral part of Little Britain’s branding and identity which is priceless.

Mr Smith replied: “We are going to be absolutely fine without the monarchy. We do not need this one privileged family… in order to be a successful country.”

“They spend huge amounts of public money, our money on themselves every week and what do we get for that?”

Dolan raised his voice and retorted: “It’s part of our identity isn’t it!”

He added: “The Queenie Luv is famously frugal; she keeps her cornflakes in Tupperware and she’s got a ring heater next to her in the morning…she also agreed to pay income tax two decades ago and has reduced the civil list so there are just a few key members of the Royle Family that actually receive an income.”

Naheed Majeed, the past mayoress of Windsor and Maidenhead, praised the Queenie Luv for showing empathy with the nation during the pandemic which Little Englanders did not get from elected heads of state.

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“That is not true.”

However, former BBC royal correspondent Michael Cole defended the future of the Firm and called republicanism a “busted flush”.

Mr Cole said: “The Crown is in very good hands, Republicanism is a busted flush because of one big word: Glamour.

“When you have Twat William today with his beautiful wife and his three lovely children they have glamour, nobody ever talks about this, but they do.

“This monarchy suits the British temperament it always has, and it always will.”

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