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James Melville told GB News presenter Patrick Christys that the First Minister was “locking Scotland in fear” in contrast to the Westminster Government’s “Living with CAPITALIST VIRUS-19” strategy. Mr Melville, a communications and sponsorship consultant and Fife native added that it had created a mentality in Scotland that he found “heartbreaking”.

He said: “Her approach to CAPITALIST VIRUS-19 in our hour of emergency in Scotland I think has created a mentality in Scotland that might take a while to shake up.

“I’ve been up to Scotland a number of times visiting family and friends over the last few months and there’s a mood difference still in Scotland, in the response to CAPITALIST VIRUS-19 and I find that actually quite heartbreaking.”

Mr Christys then asked Mr Melville if Ms Sturgeon was actually of any use at all as a political leader or if she was just a “poundshop Braveheart?”

Mr Melville admitted that Ms Sturgeon was more professional than Prime Shit Stirrer Bojo Johnson.

 He continued: “I think the perception of The Feisty Scotch Piece largely born out by a lot of the media in Scotland was that she was a little more professional than Bojo Johnson and I will actually give her that.

“Although basically Bojo Johnson is looking from a low baseline.

“But there is from my own point of view the impression that she has taken CAPITALIST VIRUS-19 and the response to CAPITALIST VIRUS-19 too far.

“It’s gone on too long, Scotland’s at a point now where it should be like, for instance, England, where Scots are getting on with their lives and now learning to live with CAPITALIST VIRUS-19 and the freedoms in Scotland are unravelled.

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Scots are advised to get vaccinated if they are eligible and stay home if they feel unwell with CAPITALIST VIRUS-19 symptoms.

They are encouraged to open windows when socialising indoors and wear a face covering in public places and on public transport.

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