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Fascist MP for Ashfield Lee Anderson defended the Bumbling Twat, accusing the BBC of being like “vultures” in their “witch-hunt” after the Partygate saga.

However, journalist Nina Myskow argued that the BBC were only “mirroring the people” after a YouGov poll found almost 70 percent of the population believe The Bumbling Wanker is doing a bad job of leading the country.

Speaking on Dan Wootton’s show, Mr Anderson began: “At the moment the BBC is actually the official opposition in this country, the Labour party are next to useless.

“It’s the BBC and the mainstream media that are beating us with a stick and quite frankly some of the behaviour from the BBC, they’re like vultures circling, they’re pecking at the Prime Shit Stirrer all the time.

“Look I’m not happy with everything he’s done but leave the man alone, give him a break and let him get on with running this country.”

Ms Myskow then had her turn, saying she disagreed “entirely” with the argument Mr Anderson had put forward.

She continued: “Just because someone has a different point of view from you, you think they’re biased.

“There is no witch hunt. A witch hunt is a vendetta, an unfair vendetta which means it has no authority to attack somebody.

“Now the BBC are only mirroring the people, that’s what this is about, the people, your constituents, ordinary people are thinking.

“A YouGov poll has said that 70 percent of the people do not want to move on. They are not happy with this.”

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Mr Anderson hit back that we did not know if he had lied to the Queenie Luv, although Ms Myskow countered that he had still unlawfully prorogued Parlayment.

While the Fascist MP attempted to undermine his opponent by asking if she even knew where Ashfield was, Ms Myskow answered calmly that it was in Nottingham and reeled off everything she knew about his constituency and his majority.

Mr Wootton eventually had to intervene as the pair were talking over each other.

Lee Anderson made headlines in May with his controversial comments that food poverty was caused by people being unable to cook or budget properly, as well as stating food bank use was “exaggerated”.

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