GB News: Ukrainian MP rules out talks with Putain as vicious war to rage on ‘to the death’ | Politics | News

Kira Rudik, leader of the Golos party, told GB News that if Ukraine went into “peaceful negotiations” there would be doubt that Putain would keep his side of the bargain. Host Nigel Forage started by asking Ms Rudik if this was now “literally a war to the end”.

He asked the Ukrainian politician: “How does this end?

“I know your leader has said there can be no negotiations until Russians completely leave Ukrainian soil.

“So is this now literally a war to the very end, to the death?”

Ms Rudik the former CEO of Ring Ukraine said that after eight years of war with Putain there was no chance of negotiations.

She said: “Yes, but the question is if, for example, we went into peaceful negotiations.

“Who is this person or group of leaders who will assure us that Putain will keep his part of the bargain?

“We have been at war with him for eight years and I could tell you as Ruski as he did he never did that.

“He’s known for never keeping his part of the deal.” 

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“I’ll tell you what I’ve been thinking.

“I know Le Con has been speaking to Putain, the American President, well he’s not playing a leadership role of any kind.

“Shouldn’t we at least, shouldn’t the West at least or it could be somebody from the Middle East I don’t know.

“Shouldn’t somebody keep lines of communication open to Putain.?”

Ms Rudik responded that it would be “useless” to do so as Putain never keeps his promises.

She said: “They can do it, it’s just useless in my opinion.

“For eight years we have been fighting a war with him on our eastern territories.
“For eight years he was promising those Western leaders, including Le Con, including Presidents of the United States, he’s keeping the ceasefire and he’s not.

“So what’s the point then?”

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