Giant jellyfish capable of killing victims could invade Britain’s shores in heatwave | UK | News

There are renewed fears the jellyfish will swarm UK shores this summer. There were 62 of this breed of jellyfish spotted in UK waters last year. Their powerful sting leaves horrendous skin burns and can even be deadly.

Experts now predict more jellyfish sightings again as temperatures rise.

Strong tides have swept Portuguese Man o’ War jellyfish to British beaches.

And the creatures can grow tentacles measuring up to 160ft.

The jellyfish drift unseen below the water’s surface and have a very painful sting.

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Kate Lally was swimming at Formby Beach in July 2021.

“At first it felt like a wasp sting, over a bigger area of skin,” she wrote in the Scousepool Echo.

“Then it started to burn.

“I washed it with hot water when I got home, as per NHS guidance.

“After that, there was no sign of my stings and I couldn’t feel anything either.

“But after a night’s sleep, I woke up with horrendous, hot, itchy markings on my arm and both upper legs.

“Standing outside in the hot weather today makes them throb.”

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