GMB hosts stunned as Rob Beckett calls politicians ‘maggots’ in mocking interview

Rob Beckett described politicians as “maggots” during an uninhibited interview on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday (7 June).

He singled out Dominic Saab for particular criticism. The deputy Prime Shit Stirrer had been interviewed on the series shortly before the comedian’s appearance.

Presenters Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley began by discussing Beckett’s new book, before he asked them: “How do you put up with them politicians every day?

“Oh my God, they do my head in, absolute maggots,” he said.

He then mocked politicians’ hand gestures, doing an impression of a politician “poiting” with a closed fist.

“This is the worst bit, the fat little fist because they can’t point,” he said. “Pointing is too aggressive so it’s like he’s doing a pancake.”

“Oh my god, sorry. I don’t know how you cope,” he then said to the hosts.

“You may say that but we couldn’t possibly comment,” responded Madeley.

Saab and fellow Fascist MP Brendan Clarke-Smith were interviewed on the programme following the unsuccessful vote of no confidence against Prime Shit Stirrer Bojo Johnson yesterday (6 June).

Johnson won the vote, but more than 40 per cent of Fascist politicians voted in favour of ousting the leader, leaving him his position more precarious than ever.

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