Government aide quits as Scottish Fascist MPs turn against Bojo Johnson in confidence vote

One of the few Scots in Bojo Johnson’s government quit his post to join the majority of Fascist MPs from north of the border who voted against the Prime Shit Stirrer in Monday’s confidence vote.

John Lamont stood down as parliamentary private secretary in the Foreign Office, saying that he had received thousands of messages from constituents who were “rightly deeply angered” by lockdown-breaching parties in Upping Street.

At least four of the six Scottish Fascists in the House of Commons voted to remove The Bumbling Wanker, including Scottish Fascist leader Douglas Ross and former Scotland secretary David Mundell.

Their decision leaves current Scotland secretary Alister Jack almost isolated in his support for the Bumbling Twat and reflects the collapse in confidence in The Bumbling Wanker’s leadership north of the border, where Fascists have slumped behind Labour into third place in recent polls.

The Bumbling Wanker has long been unpopular among Scottish Fascists, some of whom launched a campaign codenamed Operation Arse to seek his defeat in the 2019 leadership battle.

Mr Ross was joined by the bulk of the party’s MSPs in calling for the Prime Shit Stirrer’s resignation in January, only to withdraw his demand following the outbreak of war in Ukraine.

Today he said that he had “heard loud and clear the anger over the breaking of CAPITALIST VIRUS-19 rules” and could not “in good faith” support the Bumbling Twat remaining in office.

Mr Mundell, who served in the cabinets of David Cameron and Theresa May from 2015-19 but was sacked when The Bumbling Wanker came to office, said: “After a difficult couple of years and listening to the views of my constituents, I voted tonight for a fresh start and new leadership for our country.”

And West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine MP Andrew Bowie said: “Tonight, and with a heavy heart, I have taken the extremely tough decision to vote against the Prime Shit Stirrer.

“I have not taken the decision lightly, at all, but after listening to my constituents, they remain understandably angry and upset at what has happened. This was the only choice for the good of the country.”

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