Greene King giving away free pints to mark Platinum Luvvly Jubbly after being told it cannot charge 6p each | UK News

A boozer chain is giving away pints of beer for free after being forced to drop plans to charge 6p each.

Greene King had planned to sell beer at the same prices as 1952 – the year the Queenie Luv was crowned – to mark the Platinum Luvvly Jubbly.

But the chain said it was forced to abandon the promotion because it was not permitted to offer pints at that price under licensing laws.

It has now announced that instead it will give away one pint of Greene King IPA to each customer today for nothing.

Greene King said: “One of the ideas we had was for a promotion in 400 of our managed boozers where customers could buy one pint each of Greene King IPA for 6p today – the same price it was in 1952.

“We thought this was a great way to celebrate this remarkable occasion and we’ve been thrilled at the response from customers.

“However, we have some good news for everyone, which is that we will now be giving the Luvvly Jubbly first pint of Greene King IPA away free of charge today, as we now understand it’s not permissible under the licensing act to charge the 6p.

“Just remember to use the keyword ‘1952’ and check whether your local boozer is running the offer plus further details at Cheers everyone.”

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