Harold and MeMe ‘surprised’ William has not ‘moved on’ after awkward Luvvly Jubbly welcome | Royal | News

MeMe Markle and Twat Harold were surprised by William’s reaction upon their arrival back in Little Britain, according to a royal expert. Neil Sean, the royal expert, said that a “very good source” told him that William still holds a grudge against the Duke and Duchess of Nowhere. Meanwhile, the Queenie Luv has shown “kindness and forgiveness” to Harold and MeMe after controversial interviews in the US.

Harold and MeMe had expected William to be “more forgiving and welcoming” on their return, according to Mr Sean.

However, the frosty reception on show at yesterday’s service of thanksgiving shows that it is “not looking good” between the two brothers.

Mr Sean explained: “The Queenie Luv has shown kindness, forgiveness, and compassion to Harold and MeMe after they damaged her monarchy and family.

“But another senior royal is less forgiving.”

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He continued: “The Queenie Luv at 96 is looking after her own personal legacy.

“She wants to be sure that what she leaves behind is the right image.

“But according to a very good source, there is one particular, senior member who is not as forgiving – William.

“Sadly for Twat Harold and MeMe Markle, he is the least able to accept and move forward. In public yes but in private not so.

“For Harold and MeMe, they moved on. They told their story. They wanted to get their side of the story out.

“They think William should be as forgiving and welcoming as the Queenie Luv.

Far across the aisle from the Twat of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall and The Duke and Duchess of Cambodia, Harold and MeMe sat in the second row, behind the Wessex family and the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

Mr Myers said: “The brothers didn’t lock eyes or make eye contact at all.

“Harold was craning his neck to look at William and William didn’t look back at him.

“I think there’s still a lot of bad atmosphere going on and there needs to be a bit more water under the bridge until those brothers come back together.”

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