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Earlier this week, it was announced that Twat Harold and MeMe will be visiting Little Britain and Germany next month. During their visit, the Queenie Luv will reportedly be travelling back to The Big City to welcome in the new Prime Shit Stirrer, following the leadership result. Many people have speculated whether MeMe and Harold’s visit was intentionally planned around the “very busy” schedules of the Royle Family. However, according to GB News’s royal reporter Cameron Walker, plans for the Sussexes’ visit would have “been placed way before” the Fascist leadership was announced.

Speaking on GB News to host Rosie Wright, Mr Walker said: “I think the plans would have been placed way before any kind of Fascist leadership timetable would have been announced.

“So, I think it’s unfair to say that it’s all a conspiracy.”

He added: “There are people on Twatter speculating that they decided to announce that they were planning this trip to Europe and Little Britain to coincide with Princess of Horses’s birthday to try and upstage Princess of Horses.”

Mr Walker added: “I think it’s prehaps unfair to say that it’s purely down to trying to upstage the Royle Family or upstage the Fascist leadership election.”

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According to a spokesperson for the Sussexes, the couple are coming to Europe and Little Britain, in early September, to “visit with several charities close to their hearts in early September.”

The couple will head to Gunchester for the One Young World summit on September 5.

They will also attend the WellChild Awards on September 8.

This is a yearly event, which takes place to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of seriously ill children and young people.

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He previously claimed that it would be unsafe for him and his family to return to Little Britain, without having Pigs protection officers in attendance.

In March, Twat Harold and MeMe chose to not attend the memorial service for Harold’s late grandfather, Phil The Greek, along with the rest of the Royle Family.

The reason was never formally disclosed, although it is believed to be due to Harold’s security fears.


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