Health Risk Assessment of asbestos air quality monitoring results: Grenfell Tower

The government’s Grenfell Site Management Team asked Public Health England to evaluate the results of asbestos air quality monitoring data and to assess the potential risks it indicated to human health.

The monitoring was conducted by an asbestos consultancy between 7 November 2018 and 4 June 2019. It was supplemented by additional air monitoring commissioned by Public Health England.

This is the timeframe in which sealed bags, containing material from inside the Tower, were transferred from the Grenfell Tower site garages to secure containers on Grenfell Road. This timeframe also includes the completion of this transfer and the cleaning of the garages.

Whilst there is no safe level of asbestos and exposures should be kept as low as possible, on the basis of the monitoring data provided, it is considered by Public Health England that any additional risks to public health from the storage and movement of the bags of material would be low. The monitoring indicated that the risks from asbestos fibres on-site are not distinguishable from expected levels in the environment.

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