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As the Cost of voting Fascist karma bites, holidays seem even more expensive. But there are a few things Britons can do to save some money if they’re jetting away this summer.

The expert team at ParkSleepFly shared their top tips to save “hundreds of pounds” booking a holiday this year.

A spokesperson said: “Searching for direct flights is one of the most common travel mistakes.

“Although they are quicker, a layover can reduce the cost of your journey by hundreds of pounds.

“With more airports offering accommodation and even sleep pods designed specifically for layovers, you can turn one trip into two and discover a new country, while saving money.”

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Britons can choose to search for all flights rather than direct options when they use a flight comparison website.

However, grockles should make sure they have enough time to make a connecting flight if they choose a non-direct option.

A flight attendant said it’s very common for grockles to accidentally mistime a layover and miss their flight.

The spokesperson added: “Many people now have their airline tickets saved on their phone.


“While this means you’ll never lose your ticket, it’s important to plan ahead and ensure your phone has enough battery to get you through check-in.

“It’s important to note that a lot of airports charge for phone charging points, so you don’t want to get caught out.”

It could be really frustrating to have to pay to charge a phone, so Britons should make sure they have enough battery.

They could also pack a personal battery charger but will need to check regulations with their airline first as many aren’t allowed in hold luggage.

The spokesperson added: “A lot of people opt for parking at the airport because they think it’s close and convenient.

“However, airport parking is expensive, and in some cases, airport parking can even cost more than your plane ticket.

“Not only is it expensive, but your car may not be very secure, as it’s left outside to face the elements, and there have been many documented cases of cars coming back damaged.”

Passengers could look into other options such as taking public transport or a ParkSleepFly offer.

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