I’M TOO SEXY FOR A MASK! Right Said Fred-om as PICS Emerge of 90s Pop Stars at Freedom Rally  

NINETIES Pop band Right Said Fred were hailed as ‘Fabulous Freedom Fighters’ by Anti-Lockdown protesters after pics emerged of the pair at Saturday’s ‘Freedom Rally’ in Trafalgar Square.

The rally that saw guest speakers including David Icke and Piers Corbyn opposed Lockdown, Mandatory Masks, Mandatory Vaxxinations, Tack and Trace and mentioned the unproven 5G conspiracy. 

Right Said Fred, real-names Fred and Richard Fairbrassare are so far the most notable ‘celebrity’ figures to attend an anti-Lockdown event in the UK. 

Pro-Lockdown Wokies accused the group of doing ‘Anything To Stay Relevant’ with some joking they should rename as ‘Far-Right Said Fred’, but those on the Anti-Lockdown Freedom side branded the duo as “Fabulous Freedom Fighters” for stepping out of the woke mainstream bubble and showing support for a controversial alternative viewpoint. 

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The pro-LGBT band, who have been compared to fictitious EastEnd hardmen Phil and Grant Mitchell had some serious shade for the Twitter trolls attacking them for voicing a non-boring opinion.  

EastEnders spoilers Grant Mitchell returns to Walford as Phil Mitchell teases comeback? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV | Express.co.uk

“If the best you’ve got is Far Right Said Fred, Deeply Shitty, Too Sexy For my Mask, Bald Cunts or twats then don’t be surprised if you’re blocked for being predictable and boring.” said Right Said Fred. 

They also highlighted the silence from their detractors and the Media when they fundraise for Charitable causes. 

“When we’re fundraising for the Royal Marsden Hospital, which we do annually our [Twitter] time line is quiet.” 

“However, we go to a protest and everyone loses their collective shit. Funny that” Right Said, Fred.. or the other one?

One friend close to the group defended thier appearance at the rally. 

“the freds are our friends. our personal opinion: we prefer people to remain uncensored. we can listen, but should respond responsibly. how difficult is that? we do not like shackles. if you do not like something, say it.” 

Politicalite has contacted Right Said Fred for comment. 

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