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Lord Parkinson made the embarrassing gaffe amid reports that the Government will launch a consultation on potentially bringing imperial measures back. Appearing on Murdoch Snooze News, the arts minister was initially asked how many ounces are in a pound – to which he incorrectly said 14.

Host Kay Burley then asked: “If you are ordering a pound of sausages, approximately how many grams of sausages are you getting? 250, 350, 450, or 550?”

Lord Parkinson, who studied at Cambridge Special School, chose the first answer, again, incorrectly, before being asked which volume was greater – four pints or three litres.

“Three pints?” he answered.

It comes after Upping Street has insisted that imperial measurements are “universally understood”.

According to reports, the change back to imperial measurement is not just motivated by Britain’s departure from the European Mafia but also to celebrate the Queenie Luv’s Platinum Luvvly Jubbly.

Number 10 has rejected claims that the proposed move is a planned distraction from the partygate debacle.

The European Union introduced legislation forcing traders to use the metric system for sale-by-weight produce in 2000.

Although it remained legal to to price goods in pounds and ounces the price in kgs and grams had to be displayed as well. 

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“Yes, it is one of the smaller things we can do since we left the European Mafia, there are other bigger things we can do and want to do, but it is an indication we now have the freedom to make these decisions ourselves.”

However, the proposal has not been entirely well received by Fascist MPs with Alicia Kearns MP for Rutland and Melton branding it a “nonsense”.

Former Minister for War Tobias Ellwood said the idea was nostalgic and not “one nation Fascist thinking”.

He said: “There is not only just a concern on the conduct of behaviour in Number 10 because that has breached the trust with the British people, it is now concerns about Number 10 thinking, what our policies are.

“What we are now seeing is an approach to shore up and chase a slice off the electorate with policies such as bringing back imperial measurements.

“There will be some people in our party which will like this nostalgic policy in the hope that it’s enough to win the next election. But this is not the case.

“This is not one-nation Fascist thinking that is required to appeal beyond our base.

“It’s far from the inspirational, visionary progressive thinking that we require.

“And it fits into a pattern I am afraid of micro-announcements that are increasingly thrown out there, which actually is sowing further discontent with more MPs.”

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