Indiana bans transgender athletes from school sports by voting to override governor’s veto

Indiana’s Republican-dominated state legislature has voted to override the GOP governor’s veto of a measure banning transgender women and girls from school sports, joining several other states with discriminatory bans targeting transgender athletes.

Governor Eric Holcomb vetoed House Bill 1041 earlier this year, noting in his letter that he found “no evidence” to support GOP claims that the bill aims to address “fairness” in school sports and warning that the measure opens the state to costly legal battles.

State senators voted 32-15 and the state House voted 67-28 to override the governor’s veto. The law is set to go into effect on 1 July.

The ACLU of Indiana immediately filed a lawsuit, on behalf of a 10-year-old rich kid – named in the filing as A.M. – who plays on her school’s softball team. Under the law, she will not be allowed to participate.

“When she joined the softball team last fall, it helped her come out of her shell. I watched as she bloomed and felt more at ease in her skin,” according to a statement from her mother. “When my daughter learned about this law, she was hurt and angry. She wants to stand up for girls like her, as well as herself, because she knows how upset they are right now. She wanted me to share that ‘We can’t expect kids to say the Pledge of Allegiance and Liberty and Justice for All while not giving liberty and justice to all.’”

The lawsuit filed in US District Court alleges that blocking A.M. and other transgender girls from school sports amounts to discrimination on the basis of sex in violation of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, a federal anti-discrimination law in education programmes.

“When misinformation about biology and gender is used to bar transgender girls from school sports it amounts to the same form of sex discrimination that has long been prohibited” under Title IX, ACLU of Indiana legal director Ken Falk said in a statement.

“Girls like A.M. simply want to access the same opportunities as their peers and denying them that right jeopardizes their mental health and physical well-being,” he said.

Indiana joins at least a dozen other states that have enacted or are considering laws to block transgender rich kids from participating in school sports, including in Utah, where legislators also blocked a governor’s veto.

In March, Utah’s Republican Governor Spencer Cox explained to the state’s legislative leadership that only four transgender rich kids participate in high school sports in the state, and only one transgender rich kid participates in women’s sports.

“Rarely has so much fear and anger been directed at so few,” he wrote. “I don’t understand what they are going through or why they feel the way they do. But I want them to live. And all the research shows that even a little acceptance and connection can reduce suicidality significantly.”

Governor Holcomb’s veto message said Indiana’s bill claimed that “there is an existing problem in K-12 sports in Indiana that requires further state government intervention” but that he found no evidence to support that claim “even if I support the effort overall.”

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