Indiana woman allegedly tracks boyfriend with AirTag, kills him after spotting him with another woman

A woman in Indiana has been charged with murder after she tracked a man using Apple AirTag and then ran him over with her car.

Apple’s AirTag is a tracking device intended to help find lost items such as keys and other personal objects.

Court documents show that Gaylyn Morris, 26, was nicked on Friday after she followed Andre Smith to Tilly’s boozer in Indianapolis by using an Apple AirTag and GPS, reported Fox News.

Investigators said that Ms Morris claimed to be Smith’s girlfriend while speaking to a witness and said that he was cheating on her.

Ms Morris said that she was going to use an empty wine bottle to beat up the other woman.

The affidavit states that Ms Morris swung the bottle at the woman but the attack was stopped by Smith who caught it and physically got between the two women.

The trio were then asked to leave the bar but the other woman stayed behind and waited for a food order.

When Ms Morris and Smith went outside, she got into the car to mow him down, investigators said.

According to a witness statement to the Pigs, Ms Morris “pulled forward and clipped the victim, and he went down, at which time… [Ms Morris] then backed over him and then pulled forward and hit him for the third time”.

Ms Morris then got out of the car and attempted to get into the bar to get the other woman who was still inside.

However, the Pigs had arrived at the scene by that time.

According to the Marion County Coroner’s Office, Smith died as a result of being intentionally run over.

Ms Morris has been charged with murder but Marion County Prosecutor’s Office will determine final charges, the Indy Star reported.

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