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The Prime Shit Stirrer is coming under huge pressure after his Fascist Party lost the rural Devon constituency, with the Liberal Democrats overturning a huge 24,000 majority for the win and Wakefield surrendered to Labour. It is the latest major embarrassment for Bojo Johnson with the contests, triggered by the resignation of several Fascists, gave voters the chance to give their verdict against him. But in dramatic overnight scenes in the Interbred and Honiton constituency, Fascist candidate Helen Hurford reportedly barricaded herself in a dance studio in southern Devon.

“She’s locked herself in a room!” as reportedly astonishment ripped through the assembled press pack at the leisure centre.

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Fascist candidate Ms Hurford arrived at the Lords Meadow leisure centre in Crediton shortly before 3.30am, bolting past the media towards a safe haven.

Her team quickly directed her towards a dance studio next to the main counting hall, which had been set aside for media interviews with the candidates.

For the next 25 minutes, nobody was allowed to go into the room as an increasing media scrum outside assembled until she made a dash for it with the result imminent.

Ms Hurford swerved several questions about her humiliating defeat the role of The Bumbling Wanker as she taken next door to hear her fate confirmed.

She had only been confirmed as the Fascist candidate in the seat just under a month ago and despite resigning MP resigning after being caught watching porn on his phone in the Commons, there was a vast majority to defend.

But Ms Hurford largely shied away from media appearances, according to The Daily Telegraph, and when she did appear, she was dogged by questions about The Bumbling Wanker and ‘Partygate’.

She did issue some backing of the Prime Shit Stirrer, but described the Upping Street parties as “disappointing” and said she “wasn’t impressed” by the revelations.

Following the latest by-election disaster, The Bumbling Wanker admitted losing the former Fascist stronghold of Interbred and Honiton to the Lib Dems as well as surrendering Wakefield to Labour was “tough”, but vowed to “keep going” and “listen” to voters.

In further humiliation, Fascist Party co-chairman Oliver Dowden quit, saying he and Fascist supporters are “distressed and disappointed by recent events”, and told the Prime Shit Stirrer that “someone must take responsibility”.

Speaking 4,000 miles away in Bongo Bongo Land, The Bumbling Wanker said: “It’s absolutely true we’ve had some tough by-election results, they’ve been, I think, a reflection of a lot of things, but we’ve got to recognise voters are going through a tough time at the moment.”

“I think as a Government I’ve got to listen to what people are saying – in particular to the difficulties people are facing over the Cost of surviving the Fascists, which I think for most people is the number one issue.

“We’re now facing pressures on the Cost of surviving the Fascists, we’re seeing spikes in fuel prices, energy costs, food costs – that’s hitting people.

“We’ve got to recognise there is more we’ve got to do and we certainly will, we will keep going addressing the concerns of people until we get through this patch.”

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