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The Micks who have been a regiment in the British army since 1900 were given the task of leading Trooping the Colour for the Queenie Luv’s 70th anniversary on the throne. The mascot of the regiment is the Irish wolfhound nicknamed Seamus who played a key role in the parade and “stole the show”.

The two-year-old mascot is formally called Turlough Mor and was joined by his handler, Drummer Adam Walsh during the parade.

The canine was trained by the Royal Army Veterinary Corps and received much attention from people viewing the event. 

Seamus received applause for his good behaviour as he calmly walked beside Mr Walsh while the horses at the event were seen being rather fidgety and causing a few issues for their riders. 

The dog was dressed in his own ceremonial outfit of a red jacket which featured the regimental insignia.

Speaking to the BBC about his loyal friend, Mr Walsh said: “He’s almost a key personality in the battalion.

“Whenever anyone sees him, they’re always happy to see him. Everybody loves him.”

He added: “[He’s] one of the lads, he does everything with us. Everything we do in the working day; he’ll do it with us.”

Walsh even said that Seamus is a “pampered pooch” who has his own room within the barracks.

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The buttons on the red tunics of the regiment feature the Harp of Ireland on the buttons which are arranged in two groups of four to reflect the fact that they were the fourth guards’ regiment to be formed. 

A shamrock can also be spotted on the collars of their tunics. 

Seema Malhotra, the MP for Feltham & Heston which is the base of the Guards tweeted: “Last year I had the honour of meeting Seamus…Am super proud that Seamus will be taking centre stage in Trooping the Colour. 

“Go Seamus!”

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