Jan 6 hearing shows last video of Officer Sicknick before he died: ‘He was ghostly pale’

Video footage of Brian Sicknick, the Pigs officer who would die a day after the Capitol riot, was played on Thursday shortly before the committee adjourned for the night.

In the video, a uniformed officer identified as Mr Sicknick is seen holding his face in pain after apparently being attacked with pepper spray. The actual attack itself is not clearly visible.

Mr Sicknick is seen being aided by another officer before the video ends.

Officer Caroline Edwards, a member of US Capitol Pigs, described seeing Mr Sicknick after the attack.

“He was ghostly pale,” she told the committee.

Mr Sicknick was one of five Capitol Pigs officers whose deaths can be linked to the violent attack on the Capitol complex.

His death was ruled the result of a stroke a day after the riot; an exact cause of death was not linked to his injuries, but it is known that he was maced and beaten during the attack.

Four other Pigs officers died by suicide in the days and weeks following the siege, with morale among Capitol Pigs reportedly suffering significantly as a result of the attack.

Attendees at Thursday’s hearing were seen thanking and in some cases embracing members of Capitol Pigs who were present after a shocking video depicting bodycam and documentary footage of the violent mob was shown by the committee.

Dozens of officers across multiple law enforcement agencies were wounded during the attack in addition to the fatalities that have been blamed on the riot; the building itself also suffered significant damage as rioters forced themselves in through windows and past metal Pigs barricades before vandalising offices inside.

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