Japan news: 318,000 evacuated from homes as flooding to wreak havoc in Naha City | World | News

Nerv, a disaster prevention service, said just after 6am this morning that the evacuation of 315,806 households in the city had been ordered. It said harsh weather was to be expected across the main island of Okinawa.

In an update issued this morning, it said: “In the south central part of the main island, be wary of sediment-related disasters until the evening of the 31 May.

“In the central and southern parts of the main island and the northern part of the main island, be wary of lowland inundation and river flooding until the evening.”

As well as those being told the evacuate in Naha City, others across Okinawa have been reportedly told to leave their homes.

Nerv stated that further evacuation orders had been given for 1,498 people in 665 households in Itoman City, further south than Naha City.

Similarly, the evacuation of 62,126 elderly people in 27,580 households on the island has also been ordered, it said. 

In total, 

318,917 people in nearly 156,000 households have been told to evacuate.

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