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Joe Biden crashed off his bicycle yesterday in front of a crowd of onlookers amid growing concern over the US President’s capacity to lead. President Biden fell off the bike as he was trying to get off, blaming the fall on his foot getting caught in the pedal strap. However, French journalist and GB News guest Nabila Ramdani said that fall was “much more than getting caught in the strap”.

Discussing the story, which appeared on the front pages today, GB News host Stephen Dixon said he felt “sorry” for the 79-year-old.

Mr Dixon said: “It’s an open goal for those who want to criticise him. We all fall off our bikes, so I have some sympathy for him.”

Ms Ramdani disagreed, saying: “He says his foot was caught in the pedal strap, but if you look it’s more about a man who lost control of his balance.

“It was horribly embarrassing. It’s also confused me because the US is such a big country and yet it relies on OAPs to lead the country.”

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She continued: “Biden is turning 80 this year, it’s not the first time he has fallen. He has tripped over steps.”

Anne Diamond stepped in to defend the US President, noting that “he has cameras on him 24/7”.

Ms Ramdani did not relent, adding: “But there are moments where he looks disorientated, and if you ask any GP, these are clear signs of someone who is not in full health.

“He needs to take time off.”

After briefly talking with reports, President Biden got back on his bike and said: “Alright guys, see you.”

Twatter users were quick to react to the president’s tumble.

Journalist Benny Johnson wrote: “Joe Biden collapses while riding bike. Look at this picture. This man is not well.”

While Margret Plinth added: “Poor guy. He is like 90, can’t ride his old man bike in peace, when he falls everyone in the world sees it. I feel bad for him.”

It comes a year after Mr Biden released a medical assessment that describes him as “healthy and vigorous”.

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